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Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises

About Costa Costa Cruises is the largest Italian group in Tourism and the number 1 cruise company in Europe, which boasts 60 years of history. In 2008 Costa Cruises carried a total of about 1,200,000 guests, a record for the European cruise industry. Its fleet, Europes largest and most advanced, has a total of 14 ships in service and 3 on order, each with her own distinctive characteristics and unique style. By 2012 the Costa fleet will be 16 strong with total Guest capacity of approximately 45,000. All of the vessels fly the Italian flag and sail each year to 250 destinations in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean, South America, the United Arab Emirates, the Far East and the Indian Ocean.

Costa Cruises has been certified by RINA (Italian Shipping Register) with the B.E.S.T.4, an integrated system of voluntary certification of corporate compliance with the highest standards governing social accountability (SA 8000), environment (UNI EN ISO 14001), safety (OHSAS 18001) and quality (UNI EN ISO 9001). Costa Cruises is also an official partner of the W.W.F. Italy for the protection of the marine ecoregions of the Mediterranean, the Greater Antilles and Brazil.

Our Fleet

Each of Costas ships has been designed in the style and traditions of Italy. These magnificent vessels, created to be among the most exciting and stunningly beautiful ships of our time, are floating palaces with every comfort, convenience and amenity offered for the enjoyment of their guests. Costa’s ships feature millions of dollars in original works of art including sculptures, paintings, murals, wall hangings and hand-crafted artisan furnishings. Oversized staterooms, most of which feature ocean views and verandas offer their guests all the comforts of home.


Allegra Costa Allegra has a shimmering and modern architecture. Its large windows overlook the sea and have earned it the nickname of “the crystal ship”. They are ideal for admiring the stunning views you will come across during your cruise.
Atlantica Costa Atlantica is a ship devoted to the excitement, locations and emotions associated with cinema and the arts: Fellini and La Dolce Vita, Madame Butterfly, the historic Caff Florian in Venice, Via della Spiga, the eighteenth-century Tiziano Restaurant.
Classica Costa Classica is one of the best loved ships in the fleet, perhaps because of its welcoming and surprising personality or the recently refurbished beauty of its furnishings, or perhaps simply because it is a modern and comfortable ship on which to travel in total relaxation.
Costa Marina All the wonders of the sea take shape on Costa Marina: the light, the colours, the transparencies, the atmosphere, the traditions… The ship’s distinctive glass walls make it particularly captivating. They include a glass wall at the stern, as high as the ship itself, reminiscent of ancient galleons in its appearance, on which the magic of light blends with that of the water.
Costa Pacifica Music is the soul of the world, a universal language that everyone can understand, it brings happiness, enchantment and pure pleasure. For this reason a cruise on Costa Pacifica will be unforgettable: the ship of music is ready to engulf you with its beautiful sounds and accompany you throughout your holiday with the harmony of its soundtrack.


Deliziosa The art of seduction and enchantment, but also the ability to indulge and fulfil every desire. Costa Deliziosa is delicious by name and by nature: a jewel, a new diamond in the fleet, created to provide you with a unique sensory experience.
Diadema Costa Diadema offers the most complete, innovative and surprising experiences you could have on a cruise. Enchanting you with its many different styles, all coexisting in harmony. Surrounding you with the majestic and refined elegance of its different environments and atmospheres.
Europa The sophisticated Costa Europa reflects the style and atmosphere of continental Europe, blending rich colors and Old World artistry in a refined style, accentuated by the mystery of Greek myths and legends. Roomy lounges and cozy corners and prestigious works of art create the charm of this ship.
Fascinosa With the natural elegance of a diva and the charm of a work of art, Costa Fascinosa is the rising star of the Costa fleet. Enriched with precious and sparkling materials, its environments are inspired by the seductive atmospheres of great historic films, the protagonists who made them famous and the works that brought success to the most celebrated theatres in the world.
Favolosa The perfect fairy tale will draw you into its every setting: youll be captivated by the interior design that features the finest materials from stone, such as the marble with its infinite shades of pink and white, the granite and the travertine, through to the exquisite onyx and alabaster; to the fine woods of mahogany, pearwood, and rosewood; to the Swarovski crystals that rain down.
Fortuna Imagine travelling in the company of Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei and Christopher Columbus, and to be able to view, one by one, the luxurious and legendary ocean liners of the past which made the history of Italian shipping. Costa Fortuna, a spectacular ship just waiting to be discovered, admired and experienced, provides this opportunity.


Luminosa Costa Luminosa is a unique ship. The design, precious and refined materials, plus new attractions and architectural solutions make the ship both charming and innovative at the same time. A cruise on Costa Luminosa is a journey through light in all its forms, from the transparency of the glass structures to the myriad reflections of the Murano glass chandeliers.
Magica With Costa Magica, the magic of cruising becomes a journey within a journey. All its furnishings, decor and environments are inspired by the charm of Italy’s most beautiful locations: from Capri to Portofino, the Salento, Bellagio, Urbino to Grado, Spoleto and many more.
Mediterranea A visit to a seventeenth century palace will surprise and excite you as much as a cruise on Costa Mediterranea: beautiful, refined and fascinating in every detail, it is a ship inspired by Italian elegance, with fine details and a wealth of works of art.
neoClassica Costa neoClassica is one of the best loved ships in the fleet, perhaps because of its welcoming and surprising personality or the recently refurbished beauty of its furnishings, or perhaps simply because it is a modern and comfortable ship on which to travel in total relaxation. The classical style and refinement of its environments make the ship a voyage of discovery in itself.
neoRiviera With Costa neoRiviera you’ll discover a new way to travel for connoisseurs: longer stopovers you can enjoy to the full, exclusive and unusual destinations, away from the usual routes, more intimate spaces, comfortable and personal, far from the crowds. Costa neoRiviera is inspired by the charm and atmosphere of the Italian Riviera, the Cote d’Azur and the Amalfi Coast.
Serena Let yourself be seduced by the unique elegance and enticing atmosphere of the goddess of the sea: Costa Serena is a ship inspired by classical legends. Jupiter, Apollo, Bacchus, Clio… all the divinities of the ancient world will captivate you with their singular charm and golden aura in every area of the ship.
Victoria Costa Victoria is the ideal ship for people who love design, elegance, symmetry of shapes and muted colours. Fully refurbished, the ship has an unmistakable style that combines a traditional nautical look with minimalist design, high value finishes and works of art.
Voyager The second you step on board you’ll feel right at home. Grand Voyager is the ship of welcoming: modern, people-oriented, and inspiring familiarity, where all Guests become Friends, savouring tapas in Gambrinus, or quenching their thirst at the Bodeguita del Medio, a Cuban style bar.